Project Description

Automatic Corner Cutting Window Patching Machine XY800

Automatic Corner Cutting Window Patching Machine XY800
Corner Cutting Window Box

Paper Box with Corner Window

XY800 Corner cutting Window Patching Machine is widely used in the film patching to be package with or without the window of the wine box, gift box, napkin box, cosmetic box, etc. It can also realize the function of the paper gluing, film patching, film cutting and paper collection before folding boxes.
The machine has passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and conform to the European CE safety standard.

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Technical Parameters

Corrugated papermm≤7mm
Max.Working SpeedPCS/HCorner cutting 5000
Normal cutting 6000
Size of cardboardMM140×140-800x650mm
Size of windowMM65×30-350x330mm
Film thicknessMM0.05-0.20mm
Power SupplyKW15kw
Overall DimensionsMM7000x1600x1600mm

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