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Each folder-gluer and peripheral in the CyyPack rangeis designed to deliver versatile performance, high product quality, and excellent reliability.
The modular nature of Cyypack folder-gluer lines mean that they are available in several versions, allowing the production of simple to highly complex cartons, in tiny to large sizes, of short to long run lengths, with varying levels of automation.

XL Lock Bottom Folder Gluer Machine

XL Lock bottom folder gluer machine

Video of XL Series Folder Gluer Machine

GS Automatic 4 & 6 Corner Folder Gluer

GS Automatic 4 & 6 Corner Folder Gluer

PCS Corrugated Carton Folding Gluing Machine

PCS High Speed Corrugated folder gluer machine

650T Automatic Film Window Patching Machine

650T Box Window Patching Machine

Professional Folder Gluer Manufacturer – CyyPack

We are one of the China’s leading manufacturer of folding gluing machines in the packaging industries.

  • Over 30 years technical experience in manufacturing folder-gluer.
  • Mastery of paper packaging trends & value chain
  • One-stop operational resource that covers manufacturing bases for fodling-gluing machines &  packaging raw materials.

Customized Solution According to Your Needs

We supply quality equipments, effective and convenient solutions for cardboard boxand corrugated box folding industry, printing and packaging industry.
Also we have got CE certifcate in 2008.

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Pacakging Products/Application

Our folding gluing machines can make many types of cardboard or corrugated packaging boxes, which can meet to all kinds of requirements of automatic packaging area.

Folder Gluer Techical Services

Techical Services

Technical services will be presented from pre-sales to after-sales to every spect.
According to each customer’s different character is tics and expectations,we provide you with personalized advise and customized services.

Folder Gluer Training

Training Services

We provide training services to all of our clients which help employess better understand the equipment to ensure high productivity.

In-depth Inspection And Maintenance

In-depth Inspection And Maintenance

Through high-quality measurement and inspection, we provide you with detailed infomation for all the improvement, maintenance and repairment of eauip ment.
To help your equipment working smoothly, to be high efficiency

Spare Parts And Consumables

Spare Parts And Consumables

We have normative spare parts stock system all parts used up to the quality standard. We guarantee the shortest delivery time and the best quality. All spare parts delivered with instructions.

Machine Improvements

Machine Improvements

In order to provide the best equipment to our clients we never stops working on updating and improving our products. More than 10 years’ manufacturing experience enable us to provide the most professional improvment and pptimization to your equippent

Let CyyPack to Boom Your Business

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